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Tony Forsythe



1985-1987. Co produced BlackFox Album (#3 line up) with Mike McEvoy Keyboards, Joint lead vocals. (Traffic - Ian Dury) in a production deal with Nigel Frieda of Matrix Studio´s London. Line up included: Cris Martin, Lead Guitar, backing vocals (Thunder Sticks), Bryson Graham, Drums, backing vocals (Spooky Tooth, Jim Capaldi, Girl), Tony Forsythe Bass, Joint lead vocals (Medusa, Overdrive, Blackfox, The Baseball Boys - Now known as The Outfield). Guest Artist, Gerry Laffy, Lead Guitar (Girl, London Cowboys, Terroristen) and Pete Bonus (Jim Capaldi). The Album was never released as it was a hybrid of Funk and Rock and the record companies were not willing to take the risk at that time.


1989. Bambalam. Co-formed what was to be an all black rock band with Rudi Riviere, Lead Guitar, vocals (DragonFly, Sapphire, The New Torpedos, Terraplane, Phil Collen - Delta Deep). Darren (DeeRall) Aldridge, Lead Guitar, lead vocals, (Battlezone). Tony Forsythe, Bass, vocals (Medusa, Overdrive, Blackfox, The Baseball Boys - Now know as The Outfield). Andy Bradfield Drums  - No info provided. Managed by Laurie O'Leary of L.OL. Promotions. Over a 18 month period, toured and showcased a routine choreographed live show to major labels at such venues as The Hippodrome, Astoria and Marquee gathering favourable music press coverage (Raw, Kerrang, Music Week) along the way. Bambalam was offered a record deal by what was then a fledgling Music For Nation at our very first gig which was turned down by our manager. Bambalam recorded at Great Linford Manor, Milton Keynes in the autumn of 1989 with Producers Tony Taverner and George McFarlane. Bambalam split in the early 1990´s. Past band members have included Mark Brabbs Drums (Tank)


1990. Recorded with Gerry Laffy (Girl, The London Cowboys, John Taylor Terroristen) on his solo Album The Money and the Magic - Die Laughing Records. Playing bass, arranging vocal harmonies as well as co-writing three tracks of which one called Shoot Em Down became part of the movie Highlander 2 soundtrack european release. Featured in promo-video for Album title track Money and the Magic, which was given heavy rotation on M.T.V. Worked with on the  album, John Taylor, Bass (Duran Duran, Terroristen), Slim Jim Phantom, Drums (The Stray Cats), Simon Laffy, Bass (Man Raze) and Phil Collen (Def Leppard, ManRaze, Delta Deep) Executive Producer, Steve Dior, vocals (The London Cowboys, Sid Vicious). Pete Barnacle Drums (Gillan), Dave Rose Keyboards and Ric Parnell Drums (Atomic Rooster) Cris Martin, Guitar, backing vocals (Thundersticks).


1992. Began recording Sheer Greed Album - Sublime to the Ridiculous - Die Laughing Records/Zero Corporation Japan. Follow up to 1990 album with Gerry Laffy as before co-writing Baby Gets Kix as well as contributing vocal harmonies on the Album.  Guest Musicians include Phil Lewis vocals (Girl, L.A. Guns), Phil Collen, Guitar, Backing vocals. Executive Producers Phil Collen and Toru Hashimoto. The Album was released that same year.


1993. Rehearsed with Gary Marx (Sisters Of Mercy) for around 6 months, preparing material written by Gary for major label showcases at Ezee Hire Music Complex. But due to constant line up changes and management problems and changing trends the project was eventually shelved.


1994. Completed,  Lying with Angels - Die Laughing Records, my 3rd Studio Album with Gerry Laffy, writing the piano intro to Lying with Angels as well as contributing backing vocals. Looking for a change of direction I started working with Darren Aldridge (Battlezone) on his DeeRall project. Managed by Ken Wiltshire of Freeway Music, Luton. Showcased for various major labels at Nomis Studio´s London followed by a few live dates at London venues and several appearances on Mike Mansfield Produced T.V. Productions, including The James Whale Show. The line up consisted of Daran (DeeRall) Lead vocals, Lead guitar (Battlezone), Tony Forsythe Bass, backing vocals (Medusa, Overdrive, Baseball Boys). Andy Karmalakis, Lead guitar, backing vocals (2Karsex) and Russell Gilbrook Drums (Uriah Heep). This band folded when DeeRall Joined Go West.


1995. Joined 2Karsex. The line up consisted of Pete Rooda Warren, Lead vocals (DD Smash, from Australia), Andy Karamalikis, Lead guitar, backing vocals (Guitar Works), Russell Gilbrook Drums (Uriah Heep), Tony Forsythe Bass, backing vocals,(Medusa, Overdrive, Blackfox, Baseball Boys). The band did lots of live dates mainly in London Venues and built a solid reputation, 2Karsex had interest from Rod Smallwood (Iron Maiden's Manager) and played at Wembley Arena. Rod Smallwood on the verge of taking the band on, decided to divest himself of the rest of his management portfolio and just focus on Iron Maiden. The momentum was lost and the band folded shortly afterwards.


1996 - 2012. Took time out to help raise my 4 children.


2013 - 2016.  Joined Rogue Male. The line up consisted of founder members Jim Lyttle Lead guitar, lead vocal (Pretty Boy Floyd, The Gems) and John Fraser Binnie Lead guitar, backing vocals (Dirty Tricks, Paddy Goes To Hollyhead). Tony Forsythe, Bass, backing vocals (Medusa, Overdrive, Blackfox, The Baseball Boys), Mauricio Chamucero, Drums (Blaze Bailey, Savage Messiah, The Bounded). Played various club dates in the UK and Ireland and toured europe mainly Norway. Went our separate way a long with drummer Mauricio after becoming increasingly frustrated with the direction the manager was taking the band and with talk of a new album with new material written by Jim Lyttle still pending.


2016. Weapon UK. Current line up consists of founder members, Danny Hynes Vocals, (Machine, Paddy Goes To Hollyhead), Jeff Summers, Lead guitar, backing vocals (Fast Relief, State Trooper), Darren Lee, Drums (BB Steal from Australia). Tony Forsythe, Bass, backing vocals (Medusa, Overdrive, Blackfox, The Baseball Boys - now known as The Outfield). Very early days for this line up, kicking off the first leg of a european tour promoting their Rising from the Ashes Album released 2014 with dates in Sweden.