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Patrick Crozz.

Lead vocals and rhythm guitars.


Born Patrick Axelsson in stockholm, sweden

Started his journey in the 80:s with the band CHIRON.
In the beginning he was the guitar player but in the end he went over to become the lead vocalist. 
In 1990 he started the band Line Up and got a record deal with the danish company Bums Records, the album Lucky one was recorded in krajbjerg studio in denmark at the same time as M.ILL.ION and was mixed in the famous Puk Studio were at the time was the third biggest studio in europe were artists like Elton John ,Wham,Judas Priest and so on recorded their albums.

The album was released in 1992.
In 1993 the band went thru some changing and decided to play a more heavy music,
The band RECKLESS was born.
The band did a demo cd with 3 songs.
A japanese Record Label Emi toshiba zero corp. was interested in the band and signed a record deal with theme.
The album was recorded in stockholm at N&G digital recording and was sent to japan for mastering. the album was released in 1994 only in asia.
in the late 90:s the album was bought by a german record label MTM.

and released in europe this time as a classic album.

At this time in 1997 patrick took some time of from the music until 2010.

When HAVEN DEVINE was born.