• Haven Devine

Patrick Crozz give you

HAVEN Patric from -= HAVEN=- Give you "Diamonds & Rust" a cover of Joan Baez. this version was performed by Judas Priest.


If you get chance to see HAVEN then grab it with both hands – satisfaction guaranteed.”

From the metal wonderland of Sweden comes a new traditional heavy metal band HAVEN, HAVEN are a hard rock band from Stockholm, Sweden (Swe) formed in 2010. The bands influences and style have matured over the last decade creating a truly original and diverse rock sound.

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-=HAVEN=- Patrick Cross - Vocals & Guitar Mark Hosri - Lead Guitar Mr Jay - Bass Mr - Drums

World Wide Music Management Uffe Lidén, President Phone: +46708 928368 Skyp id: worldmusicagency E-mail:

Rock Of Angels Records P.O. Box 17, GR-57004 Nea Michaniona Registered office: Byzantiou 10, GR-57004 Angelochori Web:

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